Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and are therefore dedicated to safeguarding and preserving your privacy when visiting our web site or communicating with us. This document provides an explanation on how we collect, process, store and share your data.

The content of this web site complies with the principles of the Data Protection Bill 2017 in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The information we collect and process is the data required to provide professional services to clients and to communicate with them. The data collected includes name, surname, home address, email, phone number(s), website and any other personal information you provide when contacting us or going through a consultation (such as clinical history).
This Privacy Policy relates to personal data collected via emails, consultations via video or telephone calls or in person. All data is stored on our secure servers.

Use of ‘cookies’: A ‘cookie’ is a small text file that is placed on a user’s computer hard drive by a website. There are several types of cookie and the most common are often referred to as ‘session’ cookies. These are used to keep track of information needed by a user as they travel from page to page within a website. These cookies have a short lifetime and expire within a few minutes of the user leaving the site.
Other types of cookies can be used to track internet activity after the user has left a website. These are usually sponsored by organisations external to the website being visited and are generally known as ‘third party’ cookies. These usually have a long lifetime with several months being quite common. They are ‘harvested’ and ‘refreshed’ whenever the user visits a page where the same or a similar cookie is being used.
We use benign, short lived ‘session’ cookies to tell whether a website user has logged in, where to find details that can be used to pre-fill parts of on-line forms and to personalise the user’s visit to the website.
Our cookies do not analyse visits to other website or any searches undertaken whilst on our website.
Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default; however, it is possible to set a browser to reject cookies. If this is done it is important not to exclude the benign and useful session cookies. Choose an option that rejects all third party and long lived cookies.
We use cookie free technology that uses Internet Protocol (IP) information exchanged during the course of normal web activity combined with data enhancement technology to get detailed analytics information.

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